We are available for virtual programs!


There are many types of programs we can present as or about TR.  We let the group asking us to come choose what program best suits their needs. 

We can design our programs for all age groups.


The programs include, but are not limited to:


* First Person Presidential portrayal (including Mrs. Edith Roosevelt). 

We come in period correct clothing as President and Mrs. Roosevelt during the White House years.  During the presentation, we discuss current (1901 - 1909) topics and present a biography,

in first person, if you would like.  At the end of the program, we discuss TR and his family after the White House years and have a time for questions and answers.


* First Person Rough Rider portrayal.

I come in a reproduction of the uniform TR wore on July 1, 1898 when he and the Rough Riders (1st US Volunteer Cavalry) made the famous charges up Kettle Hill and the San Juan Heights. 

I describe how the Rough Riders were formed, what life was like with the Rough Riders, and what the Rough Riders endured and accomplished.  At the end of the program I discuss

what happened to TR after being Colonel of the Rough Riders.


* An Evening with the First Lady.

Julia, dressed as Mrs. Edith Roosevelt, will share stories of her life and family.  She will describe what it was like to be the woman behind the man.


* National Parks, Conservation, Preservation presentation dressed as TR did when he visited Yosemite with John Muir in 1903.

I describe how TR felt about conservation and preservation throughout his life, how his family felt about it, and how he saved more than 200 million acres of land for future generations to enjoy.


* Biography Presentation in costume where we discuss TR's life and family but not in first person.  My wife also presents about Edith's life.


* Biography Presentation in 21st Century clothing where we discuss TR's  life and family but not in first person.  My wife also presents about Edith's life.


With any presentation we can bring a collection of TR related items, if you would like.


We would be dee-lighted if you would like us to present to your group or organization.






I also give presentations on the American Civil War: 

The 16th Ohio Independent Battery of Artillery which was raised in Springfield, Ohio and served from September 1861 through the end of the War.  For this program, I discuss the books 14 Months in the Union Artillery:  The Diary of Private Wallace Byrd, 16th Ohio Battery and One of the Carlisle Boys: Civil War Letters and Diaries of Corporal Samuel McKinney Stafford - 16th Ohio Battery which I had published.  I also bring a collection of 16th Ohio Battery items for this program.  I can present it in first person in uniform as a veteran member of the unit (circa 1880s) or in third person in modern clothing.  If you are interested in this program, please contact me through the email listed above.


Below is a link to the site I created for the book 14 Months in the Union Artillery and other Civil War information.

16th Ohio Battery Site



We also give presentations on:


19th and 20th Century Childrens' Games

We present games from our book Games and Amusements for Most Any Occasion, 2019.

The book is available for $5 plus shipping.

Contact us for more information.


19th Century Etiquette (for Men and Women)

We can do these programs however you would like, but prefer doing them in period clothing, especially the Etiquette program.

If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact us through the email listed above. 




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